Medical expert advice

The patient has an asystole! Defibrillator!

No not true?!

Medical advice


Even if you are not making a documentary but a television film, the medical components should be technically correct.


The majority of the audience has medical knowledge. Technical errors are noticed immediately and hotly discussed in forums.


We don't want that to happen to you too.


Our medical specialist advice is your contact person on the set. It is not just about the operation of the devices and the correct wiring. We also show the performers and extras how medical actions are performed correctly.


We see ourselves as consultants - not as know-it-alls!

script editor

& Actor training


For larger projects, it is advisable to have the script checked by a specialist for technical correctness.


Our film-experienced specialists will give you feedback with specific suggestions for changes.


You will find in the team of the Herz Medicalgroup

  • anesthesiologists

  • neurologists

  • Orthopedists

  • surgeons

  • cardiologists

  • pathologists

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • midwife

  • Operating theater, intensive care and clinic staff

  • Emergency doctors & paramedics

  • firefighters


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