Medical corps
As the organizer, your focus must be on the event. Ours is on medicine.

Plannable & reliable


The nightmare of every organizer is surely, shortly before the event begins, a cancellation by the medical service

to obtain. The reasons for this are common

Staff shortages and vehicle problems.


The Herz Medicalgroup has a large, nationwide pool of employees, its own

Emergency vehicles and an excellent network.


So we've been able to serve you for over twenty years

offer a fulfillment rate of 100%.

Wherever people come together, the risk of accidents increases. No matter whether it is a small graze or a serious injury.


The care of such events cannot be undertaken by the public emergency services.


The Herz Medicalgroup team is well prepared for these missions thanks to modern medical technology, emergency vehicles and qualified employees.


We adjust the number of emergency services

on the number of visitors and the risk potential of your event.


If the situation so requires, we will be happy to provide you with additional equipment and special staff

like for example:


Emergency Physicians


Mobile treatment place

Ambulance (according to DIN)

Emergency medical vehicles (according to DIN)

All Terrain Vehicle ATV for rough terrain

Poly extinguishing system & fire protection



If necessary, we organize transportation to a suitable clinic.



We take care of the registration and deregistration of the medical service at the authority responsible for you



We will get in touch with suitable clinics in the vicinity of your event in advance and instruct you

possibly increased patient volume

on the day of the event.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer without obligation.

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